2015 Light Show

Getting closer to completing the display for this year. Just a few tweaks and it should be ready for the 27th.


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    Hi, I’m Stevie from the local TV show Explore Tulsa. We’d love to feature you and your unique display on our show which airs locally 4 times a week on 4 different stations as well as http://www.ExploreTulsa.com.

    Please contact me so we can schedule a time to tell your light story.


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    robert slankard Says:

    Do you have a Christmas display video for 2015? I can’t seem to find any and I wanted to show my sixth graders.

  3. 3
    teberle Says:

    Not yet, but will work on one this weekend and get it posted

  4. 4
    Kristen Says:


    I would love to chat with you about auditioning for the next season of ABC’s The Great Christmas Light Fight!

    Please call or email me when you get a chance! I would love to walk you through getting great footage of your display before you take it down so we can pitch you to the network next year!

    Thank you so much!

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