4412 S. 199th E. Ave.

Broken Arrow, OK

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Display Etiquette

We are happy to have you as a guest to view our display. As we and our neighbors have to live here all season (and not just visit once or twice), we are asking you to help us out by abiding by the following — and please pass this information on to anyone you might refer our display to:

Please do not block the street, or any driveways.
Please keep all litter in your vehicle.
Please do not use driveways to turn around.

If you’d would like to stay and watch the show for awhile, that is great. Just make sure that you move to the side of the road. If you have a particularly noisy vehicle, it would really help us keep neighborhood peace if you didn’t idle it for long periods of time. If you can shut off for awhile, that would make our neighbors happy.

If you’d like to leave us feedback we’d love to hear from you at Eberle Christmas.