• How many lights are there?

 This year we have over 40,000 lights in the display

  • How much does your electric bill go up?

It usually runs about 100.00 dollars more during the month of December.

  • How long does it take to setup the display?

We usually start setting up the display right after we get the Halloween display put up, continue working on the display all the way to Thanksgiving, which is when the lights come on.

  • Where do you store it all?

In the attic.

  • How much did it all cost?

Not really sure as we have built it up over the years and we typically try to buy lights at the end of the season.

  • How can you have your own radio station?

We don’t, we have  low wattage transmitter that is connected to the pc for sending the music to your radio.

  • How do you make the lights flash?

We use custom software and hardware to make the lights dance to music.